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        Human Resources

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        The Value of Ideological Links
        Looking forward to working with us

        Struggle is not only the driving force for a company to succeed in this changing era, but also the prerequisite for employees to share the fruits of the company's development. Innovation is not only the cornerstone of enterprise excellence and immortality, but also a key element for us to win the trust and respect of customers. Regardless of the stage of the company's development, passion and struggle are the consistent style that we must adhere to, and technological and management innovation will also be the eternal theme.


        Do better with your heart
        Create great value
        • Company Headquarter

          Floor 18, China Taiping Finance Tower, NO.1777 North Tianfu Avenue,  High-tech District, Chengdu, Sichuan, China.
          Contact:Changkai Wen, Deputy General Manager 
          Mobile Phone: +86 139 8086 3467
          Email: Wen.CK@calciner.cn
        • Overseas General Agent

          Coantact:Jeremy Chang
          Mobile Phone:+61 433 643 212
          Email:  jeremy@lithiums.com.au


        We value your voice

        If you have any questions or suggestions about our products and services,
        You're welcome to share your thoughts with us by submitting a comment,
        We will contact you as soon as possible.