"Hey I like the overdubs.....I like the whole thing! Thats the Cambodian Space Project with one of my tunes The Passenger"

"That’s what I want to hear tickle my thing on a hot July night. That’s the Cambodian Space Project - Down From The Mountain.

I like these people, maybe I should join their band"

Iggy Pop - Iggy Confidential on BBC Radio 6 Music

It was a pleasure to work with Jason on the Spaced Out In Wonderland album. His mixes genuinely captured the psychedelic essence of Cambodian Space Project. We look forward to working with him again soon.

Ian Croft - 60 Road Studios, Siem Reap

Without Jasons help I couldn't get these songs recorded. They sound really fantastic, especially Mai Thai. When I first listened to it I felt like I wanted to cry because I was so excited. I couldn't believe that my song could make me feel this way.

Lue Thy - Bokor Mountain Magic Band

I can't think of anyone I'd prefer to have mix my material more than Jason. He's so easy to work with, professional, creative, and fun! 
Quickly adapting to new ideas, Jason works harder than most engineers by far, fancy equipment and big names mean nothing if they don't have the attitude Jason does. He works on a track until you're happy with it and I'm VERY picky.

Robbie Wilson - The Kundalini Genie

Jason has a great ear for mixing Rock 'n' Roll, he mixed a very raw noisy instrumental for my band Parading and the whole band was stoked on the results. He gives all the instruments breathing space whilst creating a unity turning the track into a wall of sound. Importantly his passion for music comes through when communicating, truly a guy into it for the right reasons for the good of the music and the listener!

Tim Berry - Parading

From his keen ear to his relentless hard work, Jason is one of the few sound engineers to ease every aspect of the recording process. 
Fantastic wealth of knowledge and know how, guiding bands to directions they would never explore without his unique influence. 


David Mcllwraith - Black Cat Revue

By far the easiest and coolest person to work with.

Jason mixed our new songs and just made them sound better, enough said i reckon. He always has time to chat. 5 stars - looking forward to work with him in the future 

Ben - Frankie Teardrop dead


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